Content Marketing

Why do I need it?

Your website content should be be strategic and to the point.  A beautiful website is half the battle.  Just like “beautiful skin comes from within,” compelling content is the real driver of conversions.  When a potential customer converts, they buy something, or do something.  It’s why we’re here.

I can either tightly edit and re-write your existing content, or we can start from scratch. Our mutual goal goes beyond conversion.  We want your defined audience to learn something about your brand values, and become a fan.

The internet is an unforgiving river of distractions.  You have just 2-5 seconds to impress a first-time visitor to your site. Scary, huh.

Good content…

  • Tells an engaging and memorable story
  • Plays nicely on mobile devices with succinct wording
  • Builds your brand
  • Exudes authenticity
  • Results in a tangible actions
  • Generates measurable results
  • Helps Google find you

“Be sincere, be brief, be seated.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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