Website Consultation

Mystified? Need help picking a vendor or keeping your website up to date?

You are not alone. Launching or improving your digital footprint can be like building your own car.  There are lots of moving parts and a bunch of complicated tools with complex instruction manuals.

Maybe you’ve fallen behind on your digital housekeeping.  Who can keep up?  How do you find a good developer?  How much does it cost to build a great, secure website?  How do you you maintain it?  And who has time for all this social media?  Can’t I just run my business and hope for the best?


When we meet, you talk and I listen. we discuss your challenges.  Together, we explore your digital do-list.  Then, we prioritize.

I can help –

  • Write a comprehensive RFP if you are shopping for a website company
  • Review returned website proposals and select vendors within your budget
  • Trouble shoot potential issues like time delays or training concerns
  • Help you with project management and timelines
  • Interact with vendors on your behalf
  • Advise or perform ongoing website maintenance and site security

Feel better? Me too.

“Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.”
– Pete Seeger








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