SEO Success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to your website’s success.  I use many tools to research the key words and phrases people are searching, and make sure these words flow naturally in your content.  Quality SEO is an art and a science.

What are the secrets to being found online?

  • Well written content crafted for organic (free) search results
  • Concise page titles, sub-titles and permalinks
  • Competitive review-responsive content (what do your competitors say – and how can you say it better?)
  • Strategic use of  short and “long tail” keywords throughout your site
  • SEO-optimized images and files
  • Properly constructed “meta data,” the critical “behind-the-scenes” keys to unlocking Google search ranking
  • Site credibility (a complex menu of items needed to assure search engines know you are for real and not a phony)

“The secret to good writing is to use small words for big ideas, not to use big words for small ideas.”
― Oliver Markus




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